The ever inventive Estonian DJ/producer Madison Mars returns on a wave of fresh sounds, as he presents ‘New Vibe Who Dis’, a highly potential hit tune.

Following several hit singles this year alone (just check out festival favorites like ‘Back To You’ or the Lucas & Steve collab ‘Lunar’) while touring relentlessly, the Estonian taste-maker keeps delivering striking new records, always a step forward in his musical evolution.

This new single isn’t the exception. Initially, he lays down a funky house groove that already breaks with some of his heavier tunes from before, then followed by a classic 80’s melody (Yazoo!) and similar cool vocal lines, courtesy of Little League, providing a touch of 90’s hip house. The result is an incredibly catchy record. ‘New Vibe Who Dis’ breathes classic dance music, winks to pop music and a strong contemporary house appeal. Check out the single below and let us know what you think!