Not many can contend with GRAVEDGR’s penchant for bone-shaking bass, but the mysterious producer seems to have found his match in Argentine up-and-comer Dabow in their new collaboration “DON.” The two combine their twisted tastes into ominous basslines and haunting melodies, layering in rap vocals for an extra dose of street cred. “DON” culminates in its mind-bending drop, assaulting the senses with serrating synths and stabbing basslines.

The track merges elements of hardstyle, hip-hop, and bass, proving once again that electronic music – and GRAVEDGR – has moved far beyond the realm of the simple oontz-oontz-oontz. The new release is GRAVEDGR’s seventh on Carnage’Heavyweight Records; he first debuted on the label with “RAMPAGE” in 2018, which has now surpassed 10M streams on Spotify alone. Not bad for a crypt keeper! Check out “DON” down below!

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