Now here’s one you may have heard before… Or for that matter maybe not, as within Cosmic Gate’s oeuvre, ‘The Wave’ is considered more ‘in-the-know’ than a CG ‘classic’ or ‘anthem’ in their conventional sense. ‘The Wave 2.0’ isn’t a renovation, reboot, overhaul or anything quite so easy to put a pin in.

Next to its 2003 model, ‘2.0’ cuts an unmistakable cooler profile. Curtailing the tempo, Nic & Bossi have phrased its 303 in a different manner, leaving it with a leaner, more progressive feel at its outset. Its bass is still plenty tenacious though and its beats maintain their distinctive march, while at its peak it pivots to give it a barbarous, industrial-strength, distortion-laden tech texture.

With the release of ’20 Years [Forward Ever Backward Never]’ moving ever closer (out 08.23), this is ‘The Wave’ that’s going to take you there! You can check out the single below!