Timmy Trumpet is the multi-platinum selling DJ and producer that’s released the new summer anthem: World At Our Feet. The confident new single continues to burn with fresh reworks from Deorro & Styles&Complete – as well as a very special Freak Show edit from Timmy himself. World At our Feet is a truly infectious banger, oozing positive vigour among a powerful melody. This melodic pop tinged track marked Timmy embarking upon his biggest ever world tour.

Deorro is a legend within dance music. His prolific five-minute remix of Timmy’s tune is an adventurous flip which plays with high octane sounds and tantalizing elements of trap. Styles&Complete are two producers heavily immersed in the Southern Hip Hop & Electronic music scene. Their new interpretation of Timmy’s track is a high-spirited sizzler that calls upon a delightfully obscure electronic landscape.

This fresh set of remixes, with an extended club leaning addition from Timmy, propels the track into a wider, multi-genre audience with true dancefloor panache. You can hear all the remixes below!