Social media star and musical aficionado Gianluca Vacchi continues to push the boundaries of modern Latin music on his stripped-back new single ‘Mueve’, featuring vocal turns from three of the hottest artists of the moment.

‘Mueve’ sees Vacchi team up with MC Fioti, Becky G and Nacho to concoct one of this summer’s feistiest cuts. Doing away with the excessive bells and whistles of many of his contemporaries, Vacchi and his assembled crew do the damage with stripped-down tribal rhythms, hard-hitting, sensual bass tones and only the smallest flashes of instrumentation to keep things spicy. 

Becky G’s dulcet tones curate the infectious hook, while MC Fioti provides energetic raps to keep the energy rolling. Nacho tops things off with his powerful voice reaching all the right places. Teases of salsa piano and rhythm cut into the mix with horn blasts here and there, and infectious percussive sounds aplenty.