Renowned for his feisty production and unique DJ style, Danny Avila demonstrates inspirational vigour with new release on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Smash the House label. Danny’s new single, LaLa, is a sophisticated scorcher. It’s underpinned by a deliciously warped Latina vocal, as well as a heady injection of high octane fills.

LaLa erupts with an elongated bass note before an upbeat clapping is introduced. Danny Avila enjoys constructing the most tantalizing atmosphere before his massive signature drop. Plunging into muted and resonating vocals singing rhythmic ‘LaLa’s’, the tension rises with an immense injection of a Spanish infused top line. As his first release on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s label, Danny has explored a dynamic facet that celebrates his proud roots as a prolific DJ hailing from sunny Spain. Check out “LaLa” below!