Rousing. Uplifting. Exuberant. The music of electronic dance music DJ and producer Andrew Rayel evokes love and positive emotions wherever it’s played. The latest release from Andrew Rayel is the song, “Take All Of Me,” featuring the vocals of Haliene.

The prettiest of melodic riffs greet the top of the Original Mix, followed quickly by a rich 4/4 beat that will grab the attention of trance music-lovers everywhere. A parading, soldier-like percussion gives way to an impossibly beautiful melody played by Andrew Rayel on keyboards. It’s this balance of hard-hitting percussion with achingly gorgeous refrains that create an irresistible contrast, drawing everyone to their feet to dance with abandon.

Haliene’s vocals are pristine and supremely human, the altruism of the lyrics conveyed perfectly by her vocal delivery. “Take All Of Me” is a trance music song that fans will be singing at the top of their lungs when heard at peak time in nightclub main rooms and festival mainstages around the world. In fact, Andrew Rayel has helped define the sound of modern-day trance music, and “Take All Of Me” positively takes flight. Check out the single below!