Blasterjaxx have released their long anticipated debut album ‘Perspective’. Preceded by several highly acclaimed singles (including hit tunes like ‘Children Of Today’, ‘Never Be Lonely’ and ‘Super Friends’) the full, 23 tracks counting album is available now.

Blasterjaxx are known for producing strong, energetic dance tracks, featuring epic melodies, huge drops and touching vocals. It’s what turned them into worldwide acknowledged dance stars, currently listed #37 in the DJ Top 100. And for sure, it’s those blazing sounds that received the world’s attention you will all find on ‘Perspective’. For the last two years, the guys have completely focused on these 23 tracks, each of them characterized by one key word: emotion.

While their well known big room and vocal progressive sound dominates a big part of the tracklist, the duo also presents another, more experimental side, moving from dark to sensitive tunes, showcasing their emotions in various sounds. You can check out their album below!
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