German native MOGUAI is in a rich vein of form on the release front over the last few months, following up his uber-catchy ‘Faith’ alongside Luciana, with ‘Cucumba’, the summer anthem released with Heldeep boss Oliver Heldens to great acclaim. MOGUAI keeps up the momentum with his latest release, ‘Don’t Stop’, as he pays homage to his youthful days of skateboarding and Hip-hop, enlisting singer and rapper Moe Mitchell to provide the rap-inspired vocals on latest offering ‘Don’t Stop’, as MOGUAI takes samples from Mos Def, one of his favorite rappers, and twists it into a forward-thinking anthem.

MOGUAI has always aspired to combine electronic music with rap, and on ‘Don’t Stop’ he uses his production expertise to combine both worlds expertly, resulting in a track that is guaranteed to get the party started wherever it is played across the summer months. The single showcases an unmistakably electronic backbone, with pumping drums providing the foundation and horns displaying MOGUAI’s signature sound. These are interspersed with breaks and drum rolls that bear the hallmarks of classic Hip-hop drum programming, while the vocal is introduced gradually, filtering up before being fully unleashed in the first breakdown. The main vocal is re-sampled and pitched throughout, as snippets create a new groove, with one layer sitting in the background while another takes center stage. You can check out the single below!