KSHMR debuts Dharma: Sounds of Summer as the first compilation album from his record label Dharma Worldwide. The 15-track LP features tracks from international artists Yoel Lewis, Aquadrop, Krism, Funk Machine and more.

Comprising of a magnitude of international DJ’s, Dharma: Sounds of Summer is a collective project that highlights musical influences from around the globe. As much as it is an album, it is an experience. By blending different roots of house, techno and funk, the LP proves to be a rousing showcase of the artists’ ability to work cohesively under one project.

KSHMR leads the pack with the first two tracks on the collaborative LP. ‘The People’ with Timmy Trumpet draws the listener in with a dark, belting choir and transitions into a high-energy, big room club banger. Contrarily, ‘Lies’ with B3RROR (featuring Luciana) utilizes a flute and progressive drum and bass patterns that build up to an explosive drop. Both tracks warrant its place on the album and mark a stunning debut for Dharma Worldwide. You can check out the compilation below!

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