Dubstep Kingpin and Buygore label boss Borgore is back with a monstrous new single and music video “Summerlake”.

As the single leads with a dark and ominous tone, Borgore lends his vocal talents on ‘Summerlake’ who delivers sultry lyrics paired with catchy hooks. The single slowly builds into his signature “Gorestep” style with its high-pitched screaming synths and absolutely insane drops. Summerlake’ gives off full horror vibes with heavy hitting baselines sure to satisfy headbangers and mosh-pitters alike.

The music video turned-mini-horror film follows three friends in the wake of their lake house summer vacation. Eager to get into the water, one of the girls heads solo to the shore while the other stay behind in the mansion-like home to freshen up and shower. In the midst of doing so, both girls’ throats are slit, oozing with blood and the third, unharmed friend is left in horror – until she realizes that she is the actual perpetrator. You can check out the single and the music video below!

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