Take three Dutch dance music legends. Throw them in a studio. What do you get? The mind-bending sounds of ‘LAZERSX999’, crafted by the hands of Oliver Heldens under his HI-LO moniker and unbeatable duo, Chocolate Puma.

Chocolate Puma remain an integral part of the Heldeep family as standout artists releasing under Oliver’s growing imprint. ‘LAZERSX999’ is the latest amazing collaboration from the trio after they produced ‘Space Sheep’ and ‘Steam Train’ together, and looks set to be one of the true monsters of the festival season for a wide range of DJs.

A futuristic production sheen wraps around this punchy little number. Spacey FX create an intense intro over filtered kicks before a thundering techno drop hammers into your skill. Rapid-fire laser pulses hit over throbbing sub bass and mechanical percussion. Pounding drums hammer away under warped synth tones and pitch risers, with a succinct yet intense arrangement creating a larger-than-life sound that simply jumps out the speakers.

An epic breakdown lays on an understated arpeggio melody that brings a tinge of euphoria, rising upwards with spine-tingling emotion before we head straight back into that pounding, manic groove. It’s one of the hardest tracks Heldens has ever been involved with under his HI-LO alias, and it’s not for the faint of heart! You can check it out below!