32Stitches is without a doubt one of the most versatile up-and-coming producers of his generation, effortlessly hopping from genre to genre as he continues his ascent to the top of the global EDM scene. Now, the genre-hopping talent has partnered with the inimitable BAER for ‘Are We There Yet’.

‘Are We There Yet’ sees 32Stitches and BAER’s talents seamlessly combine to create a compelling and heart-felt love song capable of warming even the iciest of hearts. The song’s emotional chord progression is beautifully complemented by BAER’s mesmerizingly passionate vocals, resolving on a massive future bass-inspired drop that carries just as much emotional weight as the lyrics of this profoundly uplifting track. With a sound every bit as enormous as the talent behind it, there can be no doubt that ‘Are We There Yet’ will resonate intensely with these talents’ international fan base.

You can listen the single below!