Coming to the aid of an arena near you, ‘Rescue Me’ offers a lifeline in the form of Nino Lucarelli partnering with the Dutch DubVision brothers and Russia’s Vigel. An EDM love song targeting that individual someone as well as inspiring a rousing group hug, the partnership produces an energetic feel-good factor that doesn’t forget the importance of seeking salvation. ‘Rescue Me’ reunites Lucarelli and DubVision from their prior track ‘Yesterday’.

A classic quiet-loud-quiet structure allows Lucarelli to express his thoughts on a personal level before being given the all clear to holler his cry for help, his message transported by a bouncing bomb of synths from Vigel and the brothers Leicher as the hushed solitude surrenders to a neon-colored boost. All three are in agreement as to where the track’s motivating qualities lie. Check out the single below! You’ll surely love it!

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