Iconic DJ and producer Benny Benassi teamed up with Chris Nasty for a new release “Inside,” a funky dancefloor smashing track and Benassi’s first single of 2019. The star of the record is its driving, bouncy bassline, which is paired with electro-influenced melodies of varying texture and depth and a trippy, catchy vocal hook that will stay with you long after the track has ended. 

Benassi demonstrates just how “the music takes your mind” with his signature tech-electro-pop house vibe, given a modern twist but ultimately staying true to the genre-defining sound that Benny forged for himself. Benny and Chris already paired up in 2017 on “2 My House” and in 2015 for “Aphrodisiak,” finally making their long-overdue reunion with “Inside.” You can check out the single below!