On his brand new studio album “Sticker On My Suitcase,” Alle Farben touches on one of the most omnipresent and yet often forgotten aspects in every touring artist’s life: traveling. The German producer showcases his signature dance-pop sound throughout the album with organic, melodic instrumentals and subtle, groovy basslines. 

Farben’s knack for delivering upbeat but raw tracks is especially exemplified on the album’s title song, which uses emotive and relatable lyrics to manifest his realizations about travel and life after several years spent on the road – that it is the journey, not the destination, that is the crucial part.

Sticker on My Suitcase” is Alle Farben’s highly anticipated third studio album, marking another step on his journey to success. It contains eighteen songs, including a brand new single “Different For Us.” The LP also includes the already released streaming hits “Little Hollywood“(feat. Janieck), “H.O.L.Y.“(feat. RHODES), “Only Thing We Know“(feat. Kelvin Jones & Younouts) and “Fading“(feat. Ilira). You can check out the full album below!