SLANDER trade hard-hitting basslines for melodic dubstep vibes and emotive vocals on their fourth collaboration with Dylan Matthew, “Love is Gone“. The talented duo weaves cinematic chords and delicate piano keys with exquisite instrumental melodies through the majority of the track, serving as a backdrop to Matthew‘s raw and emotional vocal performance. In a departure from festival anthems and a testament to SLANDER‘s dynamic abilities as producers, “Love is Gone” is very much a heartbreak track, but one that lifts listeners from the doldrums into the realms of catharsis.

Accompanying the track is its ethereal music video, in which fans can join a lone spaceman on a journey through worlds in search of that one metaphorical star. The video captures the song’s wistful and lost ethos with vibrant visuals of both space and faraway lands, catapulting the viewer into the inspiration in SLANDER and Matthew‘s heads. Watch the video below and let us know also what you think about the single!