After months of teasing tracks from his highly-anticipated studio album “Layers,” Party Favor has finally dropped the stunning LP in its entirety. Featuring eleven sonically charged tracks, “Layers” contains influences from across the spectrum of electronic music – from the acid-bass sound of its opening track “Holdin On” to the hip-hop heaviness of “Wait a Minute” featuring A$AP Ferg and Juicy J and the smooth vocal grooves of “Dreams” featuring KingJet, the album has something for everyone. Its diversity and sophisticated production style serve as a testament to Party Favor‘s second-to-none talent as an artist and an Imagineer. He pulls out all the stops on this one, with more guest appearances by gravesGTASalvatore GanacciLil BabyRich the KidHex Cougar and more.

To reflect the profoundly personal nature of “Layers,” the album’s artwork is symbolic of the most important places and elements of Party Favor‘s life to date, drawn by the same artist who did his tattoo. The Mountains represent Party Favor‘s early life in Utah, where he loved the snow and snowboarding; the iconic Hollywood Sign represents moving to LA to pursue his career, and the waves are for his love of the ocean and living close to the beach currently. NYC is the city of his birth, while the 25 tally marks are the age at which is his music career really began to take flight. Finally, energy symbolizes the distinct feeling you get when listening to any of Party Favor‘s music. With these personal elements in mind, press play on “Layers” and let Party Favor take you on a wild ride.