Cat Dealers return to the forefront of Brazil’s electronic dance music circuit to unveil the official music video for their single ‘Gone Too Long’ alongside Bruno Martini and Joy Corporation. Having already garnered well over 7 million streams since its release in January, ‘Gone Too Long’ has fast become a staple Pop/dance crossover with ample worth for the Main Stage.

Enlisting Philippe Noguchi as Director for the project, Cat Dealers hoped to create a visual accompaniment more artistic and conceptual than they had ever done before. Presented as a free interpretation of the track’s lyrics, the video follows contemporary dancer Pam de Brito as she interacts with the brotherly duo, telling the song’s story of heartbreak through the medium of dance.

Set on an old farm in the city of Osasco, Brazil, the video takes inspiration from surrealist photographer Kyle Thompson as it mirrors his work with shots of the duo neck deep in water. The music video is another prime example of how the Brazilian natives are continuing to shake up the electronic dance music scene, offering up a thought provoking visual accompaniment that adds another dimension to its audio counterpart. Have a look at the video below!

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