Los Angeles based artist, producer and songwriter Mako just released a new indie-infused single “Coyote,” on Ultra Music. “Coyote” is unlike any other music the producer has put out – the soulful textured piece tells a somber story, as Alex Seaver lets his musical prowess show through with a complex guitar-driven melody and passionate basslines.

Released with a companion animated video, “Coyote” is a hauntingly beautiful track that unfolds like a Pandora’s box of sound. Layered with dissonant guitars, Seaver’s digitally warped vocals, organic electronic elements and tripped-out drum patterns, “Coyote” weaves in and out of driving yet minimalistic rhythms, cinematic orchestral instrumentation and atypical arrangements and time signatures rarely heard in electronic- and pop-based music.

At times, the muted bass borders on IDM, the synths flirt with experimental electronica and the ethereal keyboards edge toward ambient territory, creating a soundscape that’s dark, chaotic and stunning all at once and ultimately impossible to categorize. That is a deliberate move on Seaver’s part. Check out the single below and let us know what you think!