After an amazing performance at Ultra Music Festival last weekend, Cheat Codes have decided to join forces with Kaskade and together they have released the brilliant “Be The One”, which sounds completely incredible! You can see what the artists had to say about the single below:

Kaskade’s one of the reasons we got into dance music. So blessed to be collaborating on this record with him. “Be the one” is about that desire to be special in someones life. Bringing them into the fold, and bringing them experiences they’ve never had before. I think every relationship has those moments that stick out and make it memorable, whether its a short fling or someone you’re committed to long term with. Everybody wants to be “the one” ; that person that makes a HUGE impact on someones else’s life” – Cheat Codes

“I’ve always really enjoyed listening to Cheat Codes, so I hit them up with some ideas for a collaboration. We were all on the road so we went back and forth over email until we all agreed on the beginnings of what would become “Be The One”. They liked this sound, and so did I. It naturally stuck out, definitely had a special vibe to it. They added a vocal and we all knew we really had some dance floor magic. Working with them has been really fun, it’s always cool to introduce that new energy to my own process and see how it shakes out. This time it shook out to something that will hopefully shake up all the floors it hits.”  – Kaskade

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You can check out the single below! We’re sure you will love it!