New Jersey-born duo Riggi & Piros have continually widened the confines of their artistic ability since initially embarking on their musical journey. The pairing, known for their scintillating production style, is now aiming to extend their unquestionable success thus far in the new year with ‘La La La’. The single follows Riggi & Piros’ back-to-back collaborations alongside Dzeko, as the duo braces for yet another remarkable calendar in their burgeoning careers.

‘La La La’ extends the out of the box approach that Riggi & Piros have attested to as the New Jersey natives come together to create a house production that flawlessly demonstrates the reason behind their success. A chilling vocal sample toppled alongside an infectious melody entangles itself in listeners’ heads as they bring all elements together for a vigorous four-on-the-floor instrumental. The mesmerizing drop, packed to the brim with powerful stutters and synths, instantaneously sets the stage for the rapidly approaching festival season. You can check out the single below!

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