Dutch pairing Lucas de Wert and Steven Jansen, better known in the dance music world under the shortened version Lucas & Steve, have unquestionably honed their craft in the future house genre. Now the duo is riding the immense wave of momentum that they built to start 2019 following their Madison Mars collaboration, ‘Lunar’ with their first solo offering, ‘Say Something’.

‘Say Something’ is a mild shift of tempo from their conventional future house design as Lucas & Steve slow things down to piece together what looks to be their most promising production since joining forces nearly a decade ago. Calming female vocals laid over a warm, summertime instrumental create the ultimate backdrop to immediately transport listeners from bleak wintery weather to a tropical island beach.

Lucas & Steve proceed to continue their shine on the single’s lead drop as alluring vocal chopped cuts and danceable drums tie the production together to mark every box off in the radio hit checklist. ‘Say Something’ ultimately showcases a more refined sound from the dynamic duo as they continue to evolve their signature approach. Listen the single below!