Sam Feldt’s pursuit of the finest musical partners and collaborators continues with an unexpected twist as he remixes one of the biggest artists in country music: Rodney Atkins.

The story began when Atkins was in Europe and he had the idea to commission a dance version of Caught Up In The Country, his big hit from earlier in the year. After the original performed brilliantly on Spotify (over 70 million streams), he reached out to Sam, knowing that his euphoric sounds could elevate the track further.

This stunning track blends the heartfelt, emotive sounds of Rodney Atkins’ soaring original with a cinematic production from Feldt, full of stuttering electro bass tones, twinkling pianos, big builds and cute melodies. On paper might not seem like a combination that would work, but the two styles compliment each other and combine beautifully. They could be on to something here! You can check out the single below!

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