After the huge success of his previous Top 10 Beatport releases including ‘Blow’, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and ‘Magnolia’, Belgian favorite Yves V now returns to concoct wonder with previous collaborator Matthew Hill, for a high-octane, new-school spin on ‘Teenage Crime’ for 2019.

Where Yves and Hill’s previous efforts in the studio on last year’s ‘Stay’ signaled a more melodic side to the two producers workings, this time around, the duo up the ante with no holds barred on re-purposing the majorly-respected original, fueled with a fresh perspective; the latest Axtone-sampling classic after Dynoro’s ‘In My Mind’ smashed its way through last year. Adrian Lux’s fanfare from earlier in the decade still shines through, the irresistible, sweet-as-honey vocal driving the house track with finesse, before Yves and Matthew Hill’s big-room vivacity rolls in for an injection of punch.

Check out the track below!