Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge are inseparable; they share a musical bond forged in a mutual love for massive, melodic trance. The past decade has seen them deliver countless dancefloor monsters (e.g. ‘Mansion’, ‘DUI’, ‘CVNT5’) and lead staple Trance label Garuda together.  Now, they’re taking their partnership to the next level. After racking up multiple acclaimed solo albums each, the U.K. electronic music mainstays emerge with the very first single and title track of their long-anticipated collaborative studio album: ‘Kingdom United’.

The very first glimpse of peerless beauty contained within Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge’s first collaborative album, title track ‘Kingdom United’ sees them push their melodic brilliance to a whole new level. Packed with alluring vocal stutters, signature synth plucks and a gorgeous atmosphere to boot, this track will bring the entire dance music realm together.

Check it out below!

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