To end 2018, Seven Lions teamed up with SLANDER and Dabin to release their blissful single “First Time,” on Seven Lions‘ imprint Ophelia Records. Now, Dylan Matthew, the vocalist on the original track, has stepped into the spotlight for the magical “First Time (Acoustic);” a re-interpretation of the track, which makes for a cathartic listening experience for fans. The acoustic version showcases his clear and vibrant vocals as it pairs perfectly with the light piano melody. Alongside the release of “First Time (acoustic)” comes a live-recorded music video, which spotlights the beauty of the vocals and piano of the stripped down track as Dylan plays it out live. 

You can check out the latest version below!

Seven Lions, SLANDER, & Dabin Feat. Dylan Matthew – First Time (Acoustic)

Don’t stop now SLANDER Dabin Dylan Matthew

Publicată de Seven Lions pe Vineri, 18 ianuarie 2019
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