Sam Feldt had a massive 2018 with hit singles like Where’s My Love, Heaven (Don’t Have A Name), Just To Feel Alive and Down For Anything dotted throughout the year. He kicks off his 2019 with another well-picked collaboration, this time with one of Europe’s most popular female voices, Kate Ryan.

Heavenly sounds bring the track to life, with lush vocal synths setting the tone before delicate plucked guitar arpeggios gently play under Ryan’s wonderfully smooth tones. The melancholy verse is unexpectedly contrasted by the rousing chorus, where a plump bassline and chopped-up vocal riff lift the track higher. The contrasts in the track are incredibly satisfying, taking you twisting and turning on a real emotional journey. The next drop brings in an irresistible, trance-tinged riff to give even more atmospheric texture, with a triumphant climax allowing the melody and chord progression to unfold further. Check out the single below!