Nora En Pure and Ashibah join forces to bring true progressive house that comes from the heart! ‘We Found Love’ is a tasteful record that breathes joy and grace. The melodic synths and colorful strings, combined with the silky vocals are an amazing blend with the track’s deep rhythms. This is feel good music the way it should be!

‘We Found Love’ (feat. Ashibah) is definitely a tune to remember. Known for her uplifting and ever melodic approach, the South African DJ/producer lays down some touching violin chords and unforgettable chorus that will strike you immediately as it slowly intertwines with the sweet voice of Ashibah. Its catchy melodies and solid basslines are perfectly balanced with the leading vocals. It’s what makes Nora En Pure music so enchanting, the amount of positive feelings packed in timeless melodies and contemporary dance rhythms.