Closing the year on a high, Dutch dance notoriety Sam Feldt has reworked South Korea’s rising star SHAUN’s big 2018 hit ‘Way Back Home’ into a stunning piece of dance music. Featuring US singer Conor Maynard on vocal duty, this touching song that already reached millions of listeners takes on a whole new guise with fresh beats and uplifting rhythms.

‘Way Back Home’ has proven to be the claim-to-fame for upcoming K-pop star SHAUN this year. Coming off his ‘TAKE’ EP, the track turned into a worldwide hit, and the biggest K-pop single in South-Korea. Gathering billions of combined YouTube views, countless cover versions and widespread support, the track reached over 465 million combined streams in Asia alone.

This new version sees Feldt break out his characteristic warm deep house vibes, laying down strong beats and sweet chords alongside SHAUN’s inviting song structure. As Conor Maynard delivers his well known vocals, the record revives the original’s sentiments in a strong, uplifting way – making sure ‘Way Back Home’ receives an honorable, and vital addition to its already impressive track record.

Check out Sam Feldt’s version below: