Florian Picasso is closing 2018 with a bang with the release of yet another track, this time on Protocol Recordings. The new song ‘Hikari’ follows Florian’s first release on Nicky Romero’s imprint a few years ago. 

Once again Picasso chooses a Japanese name for his track, expressing his love for the Japanese culture and his Asian roots.  ‘Hikari’ means ‘light’ in Japanese, and this track is certainly befitting of that title with its bright, life-giving sound.

Warm on-beat synth chords immediately introduce us to the uplifting progression at the heart of this track. A delectable plucked riff dances its way on to of this backbone, with a gorgeous vocal synth bolstering its beautiful melody. A big snare build thrusts us to the drop where a joyous, stuttered take on this lead melody plays out through big trance chords and thick, buzzing bass. The main break twists and turns these superbly scintillating melodies further,launching us into one final fist-pumping, pyrotechnic-laden drop. Slick,brilliantly honed production galvanizes this excellent track, marking another hit for Florian.