As the year draws to a close, Ferry Corsten returns for the final UNITY release of 2018, drafting in Anjuna beats regular Ilan Bluestone for the hotly anticipated ‘We’re Not Going Home’, as the project continues to build momentum. Having worked together on the track for a number of months, the commitment to perfection shown by both is evident as ‘We’re Not Going Home’ displays an accomplished and aesthetically pleasing result, something you’d expect from the coming together of such experienced musical minds.

Having been invited to perform at recent UNITY shows across the US, along with countless time spent together behind DJ booths across festivals and club shows worldwide, Ilan Bluestone is the perfect fit for the next installment in the UNITY chapter and the harmony is on show with ‘We’re Not Going Home’. The pair integrate their trademark sounds perfectly to create a synergy that makes the most of both artists strengths and ability to think outside the box, highlighted by breaks in the build which provide the platform for multiple melodic layers to weave intricately, encapsulated in a crescendo of euphoria which propels the track to the next level – a fitting way to close out a year of releases for the UNITY project.

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