Ludovic Genco

Marseille based producer Damien N-Drix has added to his ever-growing credentials with a return to Tiesto’s world respected Musical Freedom label. Titled Hush Money, the single sees the producer hone his widely loved funky house sound while not losing sight of his club roots. As aligned with electro as it is with deeper territory, Hush Money is poised to elevate Damien N-Drix’ s career even higher.  

Equipped with an infectious vocal sample, Hush Money dresses soulful, jazz-inspired chords with heady four-to-the-floor beats and bold rhythmic percussion. Brimming with musicality, energy, and Damien N-Drix’ s distinct sense of attitude that finds its way into each of his productions, Hush Money is bound for club, chart and radio success.  

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