It’s on!! ‘Be Your Sound’ – one of Cosmic Gate’s most fan cherished tracks’ is back amongst us this month. 3million Spotify streams & 15mil in YouTube views into its release history, the one that lit the path to 2011’s ‘Wake Your Mind’ has passed into the ever-dependable remix hands of ilan Bluestone.

Fresh from the release of the Englishman’s own debut LP, ilan, rallies that unique sonic genetic to BYS’s cause. Through low-slung, ether-steeped bass, compelling, complex drum & perc patterns and imaginatively fashioned FX, he recasts ‘BYS’ in a moodier-broodier-still manner. Emma’s haunting refrains and lament-tinged song cut every bit as quick as her lyrics do deep. Spotlighting her song, lavish pads and highly developed synth movements sweep the mix’s midpoint, before ilan brings the drums back to pull off its urgent, emotionally charged final act.

You can check out the remix below and let us know what you think!