Sandro Silva established himself as one of today’s pioneers in modern electronic dance music, and discovered his affinity for it at a young age from personal influences of Tiesto, David Guetta and Calvin Harris. After manifesting into a versatile and multifaceted creator over the years and touring the globe to perform at some of the world’s most elite hotspots, he has become a pivotal role in the EDM circuit and has also helped other artists get off the ground. And his newest collaboration with acclaimed artist Anjulie is a brilliant demonstration of his songwriting spark and hallmark of Sandra’s legacy as a musician.

Now Sandro Silva & Anjulie have teamed up to create the next chapter in their prospective legacies. Their newest EDM & Pop – infused single “Show Me” shows the world what both of them are made of, and prove that their chemistry is a hard one to come by.

The track has a visceral song arrangement put together by Sandro Silva that compliments the impressively eclectic vocal range that Anjulie brings to the track. And together, the duo combines their efforts in a way that brings their collective talents to the forefront and really keeps you focused on their collaborative dynamics. You will surely love this single, so make sure to check it out below!