After making their Monstercat debut with Spitfirein 2017, Infected Mushroom makes a mighty return to Monstercat with an instant-classic Psytrance tune alongside Bliss fittingly titled Bliss on Mushrooms.

As the first track on an upcoming Head of Nasa and the 2 Amish Boys LP, Bliss on Mushrooms leaves quite the impression for how the full album is shaping out to look with its playful intro and enrapturous breakdown that is brimming with fast paced energy. To add to that pedal-to-the-floor-feel, Japanese star Guitarist Miyavi was also enlisted to provide his signature power riffs sound that seamless molds into this Psytrance anthem. Infected Mushroom starts the ascent to what is bound to be an out of this world LP and with the release of Bliss On Mushrooms, we can expect a breathe-taking journey through space!

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