On his new track “Heavyweight,” Hamster captures the timeless struggle for success, painting a vivid picture of the modern hustler through riveting vocals and futuristic basslines. The LA based DJ and producer teamed up with American pop and soul artist Alma Cook for the track’s vocals, which shine with emotional lyrics on “Heavyweight“‘s opening. Hamster compliments Cook‘s voice with cinematic instrumentals before the drop showcases his dynamic production style that enables the track to be both physically and emotionally stirring. Hamster‘s message to his fans about the track’s inspiration is one many young fans can relate to on their ambitious climb:

Heavyweight‘ is about the hustle. It tells the story of someone who is swimming upstream, set on meeting their goals and making the best of a hard situation. On the road to success, people are faced with all sorts of compromises – sacrificing their comfort, their resources, their values, and their relationships – and living within that tension can take a toll on a person’s spirit. ‘Heavyweight‘ speaks to this tension, particularly for the hustlers out there who believe that you have to play the game to change the game.

You can listen the single below!