Following a non-stop summer tour, playing and headlining some of the world’s most prominent festivals and nightclubs, queen of deep house Nora En Pure returns with her latest musical offering in the shape of her explorative 4-track Polynesia EP.

Opening with the title track, ‘Polynesia’ is a touching instrumental piece that cascades with piano chords and airy synths across a dream-like soundscape. ‘Harvesting’ takes a clubbier direction, combining melancholic piano chords and dramatic synths with a punchy bassline, as well as groovy beat patterns. ‘Riverwards Stream’ has been making an impact in her live performances with its pristine instrumental arrangement and soaring vocal piece. Turning up the heat with ‘Lioness’, Nora En Pure closes the EP with an up-tempo production that demands attention with a deep bassline and untamed textures.

Make sure to listen the EP below!