After months of agonizing hints about his thrilling, dark debut EP “FLESH,” PIERCE has finally unleashed the full seven-track saga. Featuring previously released tracks “Death Note” and “Tyrant,” listeners are finally able to piece together the bone-chilling story of PIERCE‘s abduction, abuse and attempt to escape. “FLESH” begins with PIERCE‘s warped voice in a cry for help, stating “If you hear this, I’m alive…I don’t know who these people are or what they want, but they’re after my FLESH.”

The EP‘s first track “Simulation” begins with deceptively dreamy melodies as PIERCE is thrust into a mind-altering world, before all hell breaks loose when the system malfunctions and PIERCE is freed from his virtual prison. Follow along with his life-or-death attempt to escape with both his FLESH and his soul through a sonic soundscape of stabbing synths, throbbing bass, and menacing sound effects. “FLESH” is an assault to the senses that will have you on the edge of your seat – or tearing up the dance floor – for its entirety. Prepare yourself to enter PIERCE‘s dark world and press play on “FLESH.” You’ve been warned….