Emerging from Kiev’s wave of uprising young creatives, musician and producer Cape Cod, otherwise known as Maksim Sikalenko, aims to cut through the world’s infoglut with his 14-track album “Echoes,” available to purchase and stream now.

Exercising a diverse and innovative approach to electronic music, Cape Cod has cultivated a dedicated following through his eclectic past offerings. Dropping his debut “Cult” album in 2016, Maksim spurred Kiev’s rave culture renaissance, offering outsider art a much need voice in the mainstream market. Now, Cape Cod sets his sights on achieving international recognition with “Echoes,” bringing his cosmopolitan concept to life with the help of a diverse array of international vocal talent, hailing from the USA, UK and Ireland. Experimenting with R’n’B, Soul, Hip-hop, Disco and Pop music, the album’s 14 tracks all share Cape Cod’s signature electro flare. You can check it out below!