It’s been hard to keep up with Martin Garrix this ADE week, with four new releases in as many days. Now comes the final piece of the puzzle with track No. 5 and the revelation that these tracks form a bigger creative project: namely his new BYLAW EP.

Waiting For Tomorrow was produced alongside Pierce Fulton with Mike Shinoda on vocals, and will be recognized by any major Garrix fans from his sets. The glittering centerpiece of this EP, it’s a huge vocal anthem that marries Martin’s big room and pop sounds in one perfect package. Shinoda’s sumptuous layered vocals make for a beautiful track as it is, but when you add in Garrix & Fulton’s buzzing, tweaking electro house madness into the mix, it elevates it into an explosive package. A modern masterpiece, it’s had fans in a frenzy since he first played it, and its release couldn’t come soon enough.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think!

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