If you ever find yourself in an Uber with PIERCE, it’s best to keep quiet. On his new track “Tyrant,” we find out that that the young producer isn’t much of a talker, and more importantly, another puzzle piece of his “FLESH” EP saga. “Tyrant” takes place largely during a car ride, where PIERCE‘s Uber driver dryly states that he is “going to go f*ck himself, then” after unsuccessfully trying to make small talk while PIERCE is engaged in listening to his own music.

It is then that we hear a glimpse of “Tyrant,” assaulting the senses with abrasive basslines and menacing autotuned vocals. The track takes an unexpected turn when a screen of metal indicated that PIERCE‘s car has been attacked and he is abducted by his assailants with the faint scream of police sirens in the background. The mystery simply grows deeper with every release from the “FLESH” EP, so take a listen to “Tyrant” and try to predict what happens next in PIERCE‘s story.

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