Following on from the exceptional slew of EP releases with Maniac and Imposters, PEEKABOO returns to Liquid Stranger’s esteemed WAKAAN label alongside G-REX who will be making his WAKAAN debut. With PEEKABOO’s raw and distinctive style combined with G-REX’s innovative sound design, the pair complement each other’s craft to create Babatunde.

PEEKABOO and G-REX’s flawless sound design instantly springs to the forefront of the production as they embark on a journey of the ancient and deceased, resurrecting the Babatunde with tantalizing chops and earth shattering rumbles. Addictive basslines and vocal cuts amongst heavy pulses morphs Babatunde into the sinister yet captivating and equally extraordinary release from the monstrous pair. With both PEEKABOO and G-REX demonstrating their impeccable attention to detail, Babatunde is set to be a destined favourite amongst the bass music elite. You can check it out below!