Imagined by true entertainment visionaries, The Night League, and executed on a grand scale, DYSTOPIA was an experience like no other this summer. Every Friday since June, Visual curiosities have swooped through Ushuaïa Ibiza. And as visual art meets music art, a line up of incredible acts have delivered the perfect soundtrack to top off this all-encompassing experience.

It’s a hub of creativity that knows no boundaries and with the season’s end in sight, another collection of the industry’s finest artists will join the roster. Special Guest, Tale Of Us, Luciano, Bedouin, Raúl Rodríguez and Miss Melera will each take over the open-air stage at DYSTOPIA the closing party on September 28th.

With three shows left for the summer, there are still thousands of guests yet to enter the immersive and surreal experience of music, art and self-expression. You’re invited to explore your creativity and unveil your eccentricities. Tickets are on sale here!