Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the dancefloor and hear the usual mix of bangers and styles, Julian Jordan returns with a phenomenally original track to break the mould once again. Created alongside Australian DJ, producer and trumpeter, Timmy Trumpet, Attention is one of the freshest tracks of 2018.

A heavily swung beat ticks away as the track begins, with a warped, distorted vocal loop rising slowly alongside tense synth sounds. A dancehall vocal line cuts through and loops over a snare build before we’re slammed down into a hyperactive, bouncy groove. Coming across like a pogo stick jumping around on a bass-filled bouncy castle, it’s one of the most infectious rhythms of the year.

Stuttering synths and clevelry chopped vox increase the intensity before we’re unexpectedly thrown headfirst into a heavy metal-style section of thrashing guitars, screeching vocals and thundering drums. It’s a hugely refreshing and original switch-up for the mid-point of this track, and when that offbeat bounce returns it’s all the more potent from this juxtaposition. An absolute madhouse of a track! Check it out below!