If the rest of Ørjan Nilsen‘s third artist album “Prism” didn’t already clue the world up on his peerless versatility as an artist, this album single will surely do the trick. A delicious crossbreed track that touches the borders of pop and progressive house while remaining especially suitable for the gamut festival mainstages, “The Last Goodbye” is bound to cause big waves on the pop side of the music spectrum.

Yet another iconic cut taken from Ørjan Nilsen’s brand-new album “Prism”, “The Last Goodbye” sees the Norwegian electronic music star join forces with Miami-born singer-songwriter and daytime Emmy award winner Matluck for an emotive record that blurs the lines between dance music and pop. Laden with stunning piano play, hooking vocals and a wonderfully progressive melody that will get stuck in any listener’s head in no time, the song perfectly captures the stirring emotion of a tear-drawing last goodbye while captivating fans every step along the way.