On April 20th, we were all incredibly shocked when we heard that our beloved Avicii passed away. The music producer was buried two months later, on June 20th, during a private funeral held in Stockholm. Now, a few months after, Avicii’s step-father, Tommy Körberg said in an interview done during the Värvet podcast that he thinks the producer’s manager Ash Pournouri is to blame for his death, saying the following:

“You do not book 900 gigs in eight years for a young man. It was very unfortunate. When I worked in London there was such pressure, but there were replacements that could enter. That wasn’t the case in his industry. So many people depended on him. If he did not work then they have no jobs, it’s not good. If he had a professional artist company, he would be alive today. When greed and stupidity go hand in hand, anything can happen, especially unfortunate things. There is no wicked damn man who records 900 gigs in eight years, think about flipping around there.”

After hearing the interview, Ash Pournouri also had something to say:

“Such a statement shows that it was based on the most limited impression of me and did not know the circumstances or him correctly. It’s a categorical statement from a person who has not participated in our work process or team, which draws a personal and wrong conclusion about my and Tim’s relationship, cooperation and his death.”

What do you guys think about all this?

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