C Smooth. Soulful. Solid. With vocals that flow like warm, thick honey, Jake Torrey’s singing voice is smoother than black lava stones worn velvety with time. Folksy, yet every ounce soulful, Torrey’s intonation draws you in. Andrew Rayel and Fernando Garibay‘s expert production emphasize the guitar sequences so finely that the intimate sound of fingers gliding over acoustic guitar-strings feels like a secret between artist and listener.

Milky and suave are operative words to describe Andrew Rayel & Fernando Garibay featuring Jake Torrey’s “Last Summer.” This pop song ‘C and it is very much a pop song, unlike the more “underground” electronic dance music Rayel has been known for ‘C is exquisitely balanced.

The vocals, though sung delicately and with sensitivity, are lovingly placed up front in the mix. With Garibay on a song, the production is expected to be amazing. When the song enters the chorus and the bassline kicks-in, “Last Summer” really takes flight. The second verse builds with a finely syncopated beat and a stimulating bassline that differentiates it from the first verse. This song is a revelation.

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