Prepare your eardrums for annihilation, because Snails has just released his first track on his new label Slugz Music, and it’s every bit as assaulting as you’d expect from the artist who coined the term “Vomitstep.” The Montreal-based producer teams up with good friend Kill the Noise on “Shake the Ground,” which lays the foundations for the aesthetic of Slugz Music with its rock n’roll and heavy metal influences. From the second that “Shake the Ground” begins, Snails and Kill the Noise subject their willing listeners to an intense experience filled with growling vocals, electric guitar riffs and bone-shaking bass that may just make you lose your breakfast.

This level of gut-wrenching perfection doesn’t come overnight; Snails and Kill the Noise began the track more than a year ago, enlisting the help of metal influenced artists Sullivan King and Jonah Kay in its evolution.  Press play on “Shake the Ground” and just remember: you’ve been warned. For those fans making it to Hard Summer this year, look to hear “Shake the Ground” dropped at Snails and Kill the Noise‘s special Kill the Snails set.

You can check out Snails’ upcoming tour dates below:

06/28 – Mooloolaba, AU – The Helm
06/29 – Brisbane, AU – The MET
06/30 – Cairns, AU – Who Said, Fred Moule Pavillion
07/05 – Adelaide, AU – Fat Controller
07/06 – Northbridge, AU – Metro City
07/07 – Sydney, AU – The Metro Theatre
07/12 – Scranton, PA – Came Bisco
08/04 – Fontana, CA – Hard Summer
08/10 – Nelson, BC – Shambhala Music Festival
08/11 – Eugene, OR – Global Dub Festival
08/11 – 8/12 – Baltimore, MD – Moonrise Festival
08/17 – Salt Lake City, UT – Das Energi
08/25 – Nürburgring, DE – New Horizons Festival
08/31 – Chicago, IL – North Coast Music Festival
09/06 – La Cygne, KS – Dancefestopia
09/02 – Boca Raton, FL – Deadbeats w/ Zeds Dead
09/14 – 9/17 – Thornville, OH – Lost Lands Music Festival
10/05 – Morrison, CO – Sluggtopia Red Rocks

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