The latest release from Sony Belgium comes in the form of two of the hottest Belgian names in electronic music right now, Henri PFR and HIDDN, who combine for the instantly catchy ‘Catching Butterflies’, an offering which is set to further accelerate both artists’ fast-track rise to the top tier of dance music’s elite.

With nearly 100 million cumulative plays on Youtube and a platinum single under Henri PFR’s belt, along with HIDDN’s prior experience in working alongside high profile names such as MATTN, Yves V and RIVERO, and releases from both coming on the likes of Armada, Warner, Spinnin’, Smash the House and Musical Freedom, expectations are high for the pair’s coming together, and the result doesn’t disappoint. ‘Catching Butterflies’ is a warm, summer-primed cut that is set to be heard throughout the festival season.

Tropical influences are felt throughout, from the warm pluck that is introduced from the off to the pitched vocals that permeate the track throughout, as the elements combine perfectly to provide the backdrop upon which the vocal sits. The fresh aesthetic will leave fans in reminiscent mood and sets the track as the perfect soundtrack to sunny days and sunset moments. You can check it out below!

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